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Code Machines that Steal Confidential information from India, Pakistan for US

A recent report states that the US and German intelligence services have obtained the intelligence of other governments for decades through an encryption company.

The Military Minds

Swiss company Crypto AG provided 120 coding devices (ie devices used to hide secret messages) to 120 governments from the Cold War until the late 2000s, but the Washington Post reports It was not known if the CIA, which was the real secret owner of the company, was affiliated with the West German intelligence agency.

However, according to reports, the spies of the two companies kept a system in which they could steal the secret messages of these governments.

The countries whose messages were stolen include Iran, India and Pakistan.

Details of this highly sensitive program for information theft have been published by the US newspaper Washington Post, German broadcaster ZDF, and Swiss channel SRF, in partnership with the CIA and the German Intelligence BND.

These news agencies received a historic CIA document that described the operation as the world's largest 'action' of intelligence over the past century.

About 40 % of the foreign messages that US officials reviewed in the 1980s were obtained through crypto machines, and millions of dollars in profits the company made were donated to the CIA and BND. Was.

A report on the CIA's operation said that "foreign governments were paying a significant amount of money to the US and Germany, while their intelligence was sent to at least two (and in some cases five or six) countries." Were found. '

According to the Washington Post, this operation led the United States to track Iranian officials during the American diplomatic crisis in Iran in 1979 and to inform the Argentine Army of Britain during the Falkland War.

Russia and China never trusted these machines and therefore did not use them.

When an investor bought the initial crypto company in 2018, the Swedish company Crypto International came into being. The new company says it has nothing to do with the CIA and the BND and is deeply disturbed by the revelations.

Swiss authorities say they found out about the case in November last year and have appointed a retired federal judge to investigate.

Uneasiness in Switzerland

Mugwigs are taking place all over Switzerland.

One political correspondent says, “Our reputation is blown away.” Another says that our neutrality is hypocrisy.

In fact, there have been discussions for years about the suspicious dealings of Crypto AG. Swiss employees of crypto suspect that there is something wrong with the case.

The Swiss government was aware of this operation all the time. The Swiss government is one of the few governments that was given crypto by a machine that the CIA did not have access to. But it is painful to broadcast this entire story to the global media.

It does not allow Swiss people to change their opinion of themselves that if they get a good price, they do anything.

There was a time when their banks held billions of dollars in the loot of wealth, without seeing that large amounts of tax have been stolen in respect of this wealth.

But all of this was a story of the past. Now another sector of the Swiss economy, precision engineering, has become controversial.

The CIA also used CryptoAg for this purpose because Switzerland's neutrality was widely discussed worldwide, and many governments came to it.

Switzerland took the money and sold bad machines. Now, this is known to the whole world.

Crypto Company Story

Boris Hegelen, a Russian inventor, developed the portable encryption machine when he fled the United States during the Nazi occupation of Norway in the 1940s.

The machine was small enough to be handed over to soldiers on the battlefield. The machines were delivered to 14,000 US troops.

But when World War II ended, Magellan moved to Switzerland.

Their technology became so complex that the US government was worried that they would not be able to steal other governments' intelligence. However, William Friedman, the best American code-breaker, persuaded Hagellan to sell the latest machines only to the countries that the United States allowed.

The old machines, which the CIA had access to, were sold to other governments.

In the 1970s, the United States and Germany bought crypto and began to control all elements of the operation, including the appointment of employees, the design of technology and the direction of sales.

Doubts have been expressed in this regard several times in the past, but the evidence for the first time has emerged.
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