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Who is Ram Bhakt Gopal ? The Assailant

 Ram Bhakt Gopal

Ram Bhakt Gopal
In the pictures shared on social media, the man appears to be picking up a pistol in the air. When the police were arresting the man, the media asked him what was his name, in response he said, Ram Bhakt Gopal.

When we searched for a person with this name on Facebook, we got some information before the shooting.
All the details were being posted on the occasion of the shooting from Ram Bhakt Gopal's account.

In many Facebook feed posts, this person describes himself as a pro-Hindu activist. In some of the photos shared earlier in this profile, Ram Bhakt Gopal appears for a gun and a sword.

Before and after the shooting, Gopal wrote when and what

January 30 at 10:43 am Please see all the brothers.

10:43 I'll tell you soon.

12:53 Facebook Live from the university in which the crowd is appearing.

1:00 Sister ... coming.

1:00 am taking the liberty.

1:00 I am the only Hindu here.

1:09 Don't call.

1:14 In my interim yatra (the last ritual), wrap me in an escapade (orange cloth) and ji shri ram's slogan.
1:22 There is no Hindu media here.

1:25 The Shaheen Bagh game ends.

He is then seen picking up the bag on some of his Facebook Lives but he does not appear to be speaking in these videos.

Where is Gopal related?

According to Delhi Police, the assailant Gopal is a resident of Jivar adjoining Noida area. Where to become an international airport.

The Facebook page that is being linked to Gopal says, 'Ram Bhakt Gopal is our name, it is enough in Bio to get Jay Shri Ram at the right time!

On this Facebook page, a man named Gopal describes himself as a member of the Hindu extremist organization Bajrang Dal. Bajrang Dal is an RSS affiliate organization.


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