Spear EW Missile Unit 2020 for Eurofighter New F-16AM Test flight Spear EW Missile Unit 2020 for Eurofighter

Spear EW Missile Unit 2020 for Eurofighter

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MBDA is working in association with Leonardo to build up another electronic fighting variant of the SPEAR weapon framework — SPEAR EW — which brings improved Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) capacity to Eurofighter.

MBDA state that SPEAR EW utilizes the SPEAR rocket as its benchmark in any case, rather than a warhead and searcher, the payload is an Electronic Warfare (EW) gadget which is a best in class electronic jammer intended to befuddle enemies and protect pilots.


"At the core of SPEAR EW may be a scaled-down EW payload from Leonardo, in light of the creative Britecloud innovation. It utilizes less limit than an ordinary warhead and this additional volume implies there's extra fuel limit. Subsequently, what looks and carries on precisely like an ordinary SPEAR has multiple times the range. Utilizing the current SPEAR engineering as the beginning stage has various different favorable circumstances. Lance EW's capacity, weight, and focal point of gravity remain precisely the equivalent so joining is generally straight-forward on the grounds that exercises that ordinarily bring a degree of intricacies like flight test and partition freedom are as of now completed."

WHAT DOES SPEAR EW PROVIDE? According to a release: “It marks a fundamental change within the ability of friendly air forces to conduct their missions despite the presence of enemy air defences. SPEAR EW acts as a stand-in jammer which greatly increases the survivability of the Eurofighter by suppressing enemy air defences. It is often used for multiple different types of EW. At one end of the spectrum, it could simply jam a radar, effectively blinding it, and at the opposite it could mimic 100s of various objects, therefore creating a mask. This flexibility gives a pilot a variety of options. Blinding a threat radar is an overt action but they will turn more subtle effects. for instance, SPEAR EW is often wont to create a decoy by making you appear bigger or appear as if there are 50 targets in order that it’s impossible for an adversary to work out which is that the real target. Alternatively, you would possibly want to encourage the threat target to start out shooting which might enable your forces to seek out it. an alternative choice  might be to urge the adversary to coach their fire at an imaginary target and thus allow you thru their defences.”

SPEAR EW isn’t simply restricted to land targets. It could be used for a maritime strike to blind or confuse a ship.


MBDA and Leonardo have been awarded a contract to carry out a Technical Demonstration Programme (TDP) by Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S).

This one-year contract continues the development work already carried out by MBDA and Leonardo.

This will enable that work to mature. One of the aims is to keep the development of SPEAR EW as closely aligned with the main SPEAR program as possible to ensure any integration work is as seamless as possible.

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